Sunday, July 5, 2020

I started a new Youtube Channel!

In light of Covid-19 and most of my live events being canceled from most of the year, I have taken this opportunity to focus my attention on doing performance and lectures on youtube instead of just sitting at home being sad.

I will try my best to make a variety of content about Japanese musical instruments, so I hope everyone tunes in, subscribes, and enjoys the wonderful world of Japanese traditional music!

Monday, March 2, 2020

COVID-19 (コロナ) and Performances (演奏)

I haven't updated in a long time. So let's first get to the bad, and then the good about this upcoming month.

Bad: コロナウイルスは大変だ。。。
The COVID-19 virus has put Japan, especially Tokyo, into a panic. Even though the symptoms of COVID-19 is closer to the common cold than anything else, all toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels have disappeared from the store. It feels like the 2011 earthquake/typhoon all over again, except there isn't any reason to be panicking and buying everything from the store early like this. But maybe this is a blessing for the paper industry in Japan.

Good: 3月20日に演奏します!!!
Most concerts, events, and big gatherings are canceled for this month. However, I will still be preforming at Wadachi Italian Restaurant on the evening of March 20th! I will be joined by my good friend and also a scholar at Tokyo University of the Arts who will give the audience a chance to experience the differences between Chinese and Japanese traditional music from an insider's point of view! It should be a ton of fun so please join us! Information can be found below. Make reservations by calling the restaurant.



2020年3月20日 (金) 19:30~20:00

りすとらんて 轍 
〒270-0034 千葉県松戸市新松戸1-374-1 政和ビルB1


Thursday, November 14, 2019

I was on TV, again!! (テレビに出ました!)


I Love Shamisen! An American Girl Daring to Perform in an All Night Festival

Back in April I was first approached by Nippon TV to possibly appear in a news program about my research and activities surrounding shamisen. After meeting the director, who was both very kind and very interested in all of the crazy things I would be up to during the year, it was decided to make my research on Hanawa-bayashi, up in Akita Prefecture, the main subject of this 10 min piece. Since Hanawa-bayashi isn't until August, it took months before shooting actually started, but all in all, the experience was very good. I learned a lot of new tricks in how to better explain my passion for shamisen to a wider audience, as well as got to feel what it was like to be followed by cameras for over 12 hours during the performance (yes, the director stayed with our float the entire night). I am really happy with the product he came up with and I hope this leads to more projects in a the future, as well as more people gaining a new interest in shamisen!
The conclusion of this project was a new composition for shamisen and shakuhachi based off of Hanawa-bayashi and Native American music. Please look forward to hearing this piece!

この経験から、次に新作品を完成させます。この新作品の影響は、花輪ばやしとNative American Musicから受けましたので、ここで聞こえるのはご楽しみにしてください。

Here are some more pictures from the experience (最も写真です!):

Friday, September 6, 2019

Late Summer Concerts 〜夏の演奏会

The summer is slowly coming to an end but that doesn't mean the fun is about to stop.
There is a number of concerts coming up this month if you need some inspiration for fun.

September 13th, 18:00 ~ Moon Viewing Concert

Enjoy looking at the moon from a temple at night while listening to traditional shamisen music that reflect stories told about the moon

Location: Tokuzouin Temple (nearest station is Shinyahashira Station on the Musashino Line)

September 28th, 19:30~20:00 "Changing of a Era"
10月28日、19:30〜20:00 「怜和」

Enjoy shamisen music while eating top quality Italian food.

Location: Restaurant Wadachi (Near Shinmatsudo Station)
場所:りすとらんて 轍(近い駅は新松戸駅)

Please make reservations ahead of time (047-712-1600)

Thursday, March 21, 2019

花見して和楽器の音楽を聴きませんか? Come listen to Japanese Traditional Music after seeing the Sakura!

りすとらんて 轍

三味線(コリーン・シュムコー)と尺八(森 佳久山)の生演奏をお聴きながら、
Come enjoy live performances by Colleen (on shamisen) and Mori Kakuzan (on shakuhachi)
while eating tasty Italian food and learning the secrets behind Japan Instrumental performance

Theme for this program: "Waiting for the Sunrise"

場所:〒270-0034 千葉県松戸市新松戸1-374-1 政和ビルB1
予約や連絡先:047-712-1600 (りすとらんて 轍

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I will be on TV...Again!

I got contacted by テレビ東京 and somehow they got me to go on camera again. If you have time, please watch my program on February 8th, from 15:40-16:45 (I don't know if I will be on the entire time, but I will show up somewhere) 





宜しく〜 =)

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Winter Performances 〜冬の演奏会〜

January 25th, 2019 (Friday)


Colleen Schmuckal's Live Shamisen Music - Part 2 -
〜Enjoy both shamisen and shakuhachi music while eating Italian food〜

場所:りすとらんて轍 (新松戸駅の近く)

Location: Restaurant Risutorantewadachi (Near Shin-matsudo station)
Event Information: (in Japanese)

February 9th, 2019(Saturday)


A Traditional Japanese Music from the Perspective of an American
Performance includes shakuhachi, koto and shamisen

Hosted by Abiko Audio Fan Club

Location: アビスタ Hall (within Abiko City's Teganuma Park)